Neurolink, developed by Dr. Allan Phillips in Aukland, New Zealand, is a Neurological Integration System, also known as NIS. For over 40 years, he has studied the brain and its connections and has developed a system to see what connections are not working properly. If all of the brain's connections are working properly, you are functioning at your optimal potential. When these connections are not working properly, you now have stress in your system. When that stress occurs day after day, it can effect your immune system, your muscle and gland system and your thinking system. You can become tired or sick, experience weakness, develop pain that doesn't go away, and you can have difficulties concentrating, remembering, planning and making decisions. Your brain can feel foggy and no longer sharp. These are only symptoms of faulty connections. Neurolink identifies the source of these symptoms.
People that are treated with Neurolink report the following benefits:
  • Improved sleep and renewed energy
  • Increased ability to learn, less brain fog
  • Improved digestion
  • Improved biomechanics of the spine
  • Walking more quickly and easily
  • Better balance and performance
  • Decreased pain and muscle soreness
  • Better immune system
  • Better mobility and improved strength
  • Less anxiety and nervousness
  • Improved endurance and breathing
A complete Neurolink session checks over 36 different areas. The treatments are done in your position of comfort and requires light touching of your head, face and areas on your body. When a faulty connection is found, a series of checks begin to see what makes the body strong again. You will experience less pain after the correction and better movement as your body begins to heal itself. You will leave feeling refreshed, stronger, happier and more productive. The number of corrections you need will determine the length and frequency of your sessions. Lori Hiatt OTR, CHT, CLT is one of 2 in NC who has attended Masters 2015 and 2016 trainings where remarkable advances were made with the ability to make lasting changes to ones neurological system. Choose Neurolink as your method to enhance your ability to function through your day.  Dress comfortably and enjoy your tune-up.